Difference between Swift and Objective C

2021 / 07 / 21

The base class has several abstract methods that are required to be implemented by its concrete subclasses. Users of the Template Method classes only interact using the base class that implements the algorithm steps; concrete implementations of those steps are supplied by subclasses. With this question, your interviewer is assessing your knowledge of different messaging patterns used in iOS. Even though in some languages and platforms singletons are considered to be good, they are in fact an anti-pattern that should be avoided at all costs. Typically developers think of iOS apps as the MVC code they write and the complex intricate details of the implementation, which is true. But if you take a step back and look at the big picture, you can see what iOS apps really are – a run loop.

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ViewModel – This model encapsulates responses sent to the Presenter in primitive data types such as String and Int. The View Controller sends data to the Interactor, though it doesn’t get responses from the Interactor. This class has a one-sided interaction with the Presenter as well. The View Controller gets responses from the Presenter but can’t transfer anything to it. This rule allows us to build easy-to-maintain systems as changes in the external layers won’t affect the internal layers.

Today, Swift is a lot cleaner and simpler than in 2014, when it first emerged. Relatively small following – despite its number of fans growing, Swift still has a relatively small circle of coders who work with it. Again, as the language grows, more and more developers will start using it. Lack of support for earlier iOS versions – while there is a slim chance you will need to work with something earlier than iOS7, the problem remains. The best way to get practical knowledge and actually learn to code with Swift in a fun and interactive way is the Swift Playgrounds. Swift is young, which is why smaller apps can get around updates much easier.

How Does Swift Differ From Objective-C?

This is a big-picture question asked, in one form or another, to gauge your understanding of what an iOS application is, and where the code you write fits in it and in the iOS system overall. So you need to thoroughly evaluate your project and only then decide on the architectural pattern. If we simultaneously create business logic and related tests , this makes it possible to do est-driven development .

  • The latest version, Swift 5.5 is still in beta and is available with Xcode 13 beta.
  • Help kids learn the logic and languages of the digital world.
  • Kommersant, a Russian newspaper, has reported that more than 90% of transactions involving Russian banks cross borders.
  • Today, many lighter and simpler languages (i.e., React Native, Swift) and several coders refuse to learn an outmoded language.
  • Thus, some developers encounter difficulties in understanding this pattern and use old architectural patterns like MVC that fit a small number of apps.
  • The most notable are Promises , RxSwift, and ReactiveCocoa.

So, soon there’ll be no need to worry about backward compatibility. Swift can only be used to create apps designed to run on the IOS 7 or later. As a result, Swift cannot be utilized in older apps written for earlier versions of the iOS operating system. Although the Swift community is rapidly growing, it is still relatively small compared to other open-source languages. According to, a freelancing website, there is increasing demand for iOS developers, resulting in a talent gap. Swift created immersive game-based learning experiences that engaged learners while improving their performance and productivity.

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For such a young language, Swift sure has an abundance of resources to help developers accelerate adoption. In addition to faster development time, you get a product that is future-proof and can be extended with new features as needed. The fact that Apple is more likely to support Swift than Objective-C should also get serious consideration for long-term investment. The latest version, Swift 5.5 is still in beta and is available with Xcode 13 beta. It holds such improvements as better concurrency support using async/await mechanisms and actors. Actors are a reference type similar to classes, but in contrast to classes, they allow only one task to access their mutable state at a time.

Disadvantages of Swift

Each element has a well-defined set of properties that you can use to configure its appearance and behavior. In addition to its powerful declarative syntax, SwiftUI also offers efficient animation. Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm compiled ios swift vs objective c programming language developed by Apple in 2014 for apple platforms and Linux applications. Until 2015, Apple decided to make the code public to encourage wider usage. Since then, the number of apps on the Apple App Store has increased.

What is Swift Development?

This compiler-based language first appeared in the 1980s and is still being used by programmers around the world. Apple acquired Objective-C and made it the fundamental basis for iOS and macOS apps development. Thus, a minimum knowledge of this programming language is a must for those who are willing to build a career path as an Apple developer. Swift is a new approach that works with all Apple platforms.

Swift follows the features of modern programming languages so, it is easier to learn. Information technology evolves rapidly, and Swift remains one of the most promising modern programming languages. It has numerous advantages and only some minor issues, which attracts hundreds of new programmers each day. Swift is becoming a more mature language with every update, but there are still things to fix.

Disadvantages of Swift

The language is based on OOP principles and has a complicated syntax that is hard to learn for newcomers. The code is not easy to read, which adds more hardships to programmers. Once you’ve read the question and come up with a suitable answer, try reading my suggested approach and see if it helps you add more detail. Choosing the right language majorly depends on the type of app required. Swift is an evolved version of Objective-C with new features allowing developers to be more creative and free by making the app more secure and reliable.

What design patterns are commonly used in iOS apps?

Apart from this, developers also face issues with compilers, syntax, highlighting, autocomplete, and even refactoring tools. On the other hand, Apple introduced Swift as a new programming language in June 2014. Swift is fundamentally similar to Objective-C but also includes several features that Objective-C does not. Disadvantages of SwiftThe only one disadvantage of Swift app development is that it is not stable. You may get its upcoming versions and app changes and migration is not an easy task. Ever since December 2015, Swift has been open-source and available to everyone.

Backed up with a 5-year experience in copywriting, she creates informative but exciting articles on high technologies. If you need help deciding what to choose for your iOS project, SaM Solutions can be of assistance. Our development expertise includes various technologies and tools, Swift and Objective-C among them. These are the reasons that can persuade you to choose Objective-C. A relatively young open-source language, Swift was specifically developed by Apple for iOS and macOS.

His daily duties include managing clients’ projects, consulting on technical issues, and managing a team of highly qualified developers. As it is stated on Apple’s website, Swift ensures great app performance and enables developers to create amazing user experiences. In addition, Swift has been praised for its readability and type inference which allow developers to write clean, reliable, and consistent code without unnecessary clutter.

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When several developers work on one project and make some changes in the code, these changes have minimal impact on each other. This approach helps to eliminate conflicts inside the team and avoid development delays. Again, because Swift is young, it doesn’t support versions earlier than iOS 7.0 and macOS 10.9. Therefore, it’s impossible to create universal apps that will be able to support all platforms.

Recently Apple made improvements to XCTest frameworks to make testing easier for us. They also made a lot of improvements with UI testing in Xcode , so now we have a nice programmatic interface to interact with our apps and query things we see on the screen. Alternatively you could go with frameworks like KIF, iOSSnapshotTestCase, EarlGrey.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SwiftUI compared to UIKit?

It deallocates memory used by objects whose reference count dropped to zero. ARC does not increase or decrease the reference count of value types because, when assigned, these are copied. By default, if you don’t specify otherwise, all the references will be strong references.

Some have students create completely different types of apps and games, such as a Breakout clone or a game that plots lines on a graphing app. Units also include augmented reality , data-related projects , and code projects for connected devices like Parrot drones, MeeBots, and Lego Mindstorm robots. The Everyone Can Code curriculum guide is linked on the Swift Playgrounds site.

Help high school students express themselves through code. In all, Swift Playgrounds is a fantastic introduction into Computer Science and a wonderful use of technology in the classroom. Detailed and well-thought-out lessons contain a series of increasing challenges, each introducing a new topic on the road to learning to code. But taking a closer look, we notice that there’s a chance that while progressView is being configured, it may be called which ends up executing the closure twice. This introduces some critical issues as the second call will overwrite the value in the first setup. If you have an inteview question you want me to answer you can submit it here.

The pros and cons of programming in Swift

Apple is creating its own ecosystem with a stable ABI over its platforms, extending platform support, and continuously adding new features. You can see from our review that Swift has numerous advantages that outweigh its minor issues, so it remains one of the most promising languages and keeps gaining admirers. “Of course, it’s absolutely necessary to use the tools for autogenerating Swift code for your project resources, e.g., SwiftGen and R.Swift, to save time and facilitate the development process.

Since iOS 6 we have AutoLayout, which is the go-to solution these days and which Apple prefers. Knowing your options for laying out things on the screen is crucial when you need to solve different UI challenges on iOS. This question helps gauge your knowledge about how you putplace and align views on the screen. You should know different ways you could store data on iOS and their advantages or disadvantages. Don’t limit yourself to only one solution that you’re used to . Applying these principles will help you build better, more maintainable software.