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You have to match different representations with the same slope. This engages students so much more than doing the same thing on a worksheet. This Slope Game from Manga High will give your students a chance to practice slope independently and has a variety of question types. There’s a short tutorial that students can do before they play the actual game. They don’t have to do the tutorial, but it would be great for cyclical review. Many students like to play this type of game and it gives students instant feedback on how they’re doing.

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  • This makes it easier for the player to win the game with much fewer cards.
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On pressing the submit button, the step-by-step solution is displayed on the output window. It reduces the lengthy process of solving the equation manually by merely entering the equation into the calculator. Whenever we plot the data points on the graph, there are very less chances of getting a perfect linear line. In this method, we draw the best fit line for the given set of data.

Step 9

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