About us


MCS International LLC, the main pillar of MCS group, was established in 1993 and started its business by providing consulting services in the energy sector. MCSI is a well-experienced national engineering company, which contributes to the development of Mongolia and also actively participates in the modernization and renovation of energy and infrastructure sectors through developing and introducing integrated solutions, including modern technologies.

1993 - MCS International LLC was established and started its operations by providing consulting services in the energy sector.
1997 - Energy Division of MCS International LLC was formed.
Enerco LLC was established to provide heating supply services.
2003 – Energy Technology center was established to introduce and market new technologies and equipment.
2004 - Energy Network LLC was established as an electricity supplier and distributer.
EVA, Energy Testing, Calibration and Manufacturing Center, was established.
2011 – MCS International LLC UHG branch was established to provide power supply services to UHG mine and Tsogttsetsii soum areas.
2011 – UHG 18 MW Power Plant was commissioned and started its operations.
2013 - MCS International LLC and FLOUR Companies’ joint venture, MNFS was established.