About us

Management system

MCSI is the leader in executing complex engineering, construction and maintenance projects in energy and mining industries of Mongolia. Providing a full range of integrated solutions, we can deliver projects on time and quality assured across all phases of the project and asset lifecycle. Our expertise is doubled with our local knowledge in regulatory environment and geographical contents.


Since its establishment, MCS International has recognized and strived towards the importance of providing quality services, compliance to international standards, improving its competitive position, and meeting clients and partner’s best interests. In 2004, 2010 and 2017, the company underwent quality management evaluations and was certified with ISO-9001, thereby assuring our product and services are in compliance with the standard.


MCS International has an un-wavering commitment to safety. Delivering safe and sustainable performance is the core of how we do business and our goal is Zero Incidents and to continuously improve safety performance. In order to reach our goal, we take OHS risk identification, assessment, prevention and minimization actions. Health, Safety and environment policy


As the United Nations promotes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, companies that strive to be good corporatecitizens pay more attention to doing business in accordance with ethical standards, contribute to the sustainability of the environment and society, and direct their activities in accordance with the goals in the field of sustainable development in order to leave our Descendants with the same opportunities and resources of our generation readmore……